“I have noticed that my memory has gotten better.”

Meredith, 51
Quality Review Technician

Meredith and her husband live in the town of Swartz Creek, Michigan, and this 51-year-old woman’s life is the story of a woman who sure likes to stay busy, as becomes immediately evident when you ask her, “So, Meredith, what do you do?”

“Well, I work as a quality review technician for the Social Security Administration,” she begins, describing a full-time job that demands a high level of attention to detail in reviewing disability applications.

Then she continues, “I also own my own small business selling scrapbooking and card making supplies. And I’m also an active member of my church where we are currently working on a Christmas play. I’m a backstage manager in charge of props and costumes for plays, and I’m a wedding coordinator at the church.” Then she adds, “I just started volunteering at a fundraising event during a concert. I enjoy that kind of stuff.”

As if all that wasn’t enough to fill her days, Meredith also finds time to stay in shape and watch her weight, something that has been a particular challenge during the pandemic. “Until Covid hit, I was working out two or three times a week,” she explains.

I have a membership at a health club and I like the water exercise class, but I’ve also been trained on how to use the resistance machines to work on my strength and endurance,” she says.

“I’m currently watching my weight because my husband and I decided that with the pandemic we were not doing as much and our weight was not good so we have been watching our food intake and I’ve lost 10 pounds in the last couple of months,” she says.

What with her work for Social Security, her scrapbook business, her backstage work on her church’s plays, her volunteering at fund-raising events, and her exercising at the health club, it’s safe to say this woman sure stays busy. But there’s something else to her story. “We had a couple of foster care kids,” she says. “They had a safe loving environment when they were here.”

Meredith credits her strong faith as the core of her ability to lead a good life. “My faith as a Christian teaches me to respect to God and to respect people around me,” she says. “I would add that positive thinking and having a good sense of humor are two other things that are so important.”

Meredith also places importance on maintaining a strong memory, especially in her active, multi-faceted life. “As people age, there’s a normal decline in memory, but I wasn’t ready to give up on my memory I think it’s very important.”

She adds, “As I moved into my Forties I was looking for over-the-counter products to help me. I’m a scrap booker so I want to remember the dates and the memories and the events of my life. Of course in my work for Social Security I deal a lot with numbers and information and I want to make sure it’s accurate. So my mother, who is a retired nurse, recommended Prevagen and I started using it. I have noticed over the years that my memory has gotten better. I sometimes think I am back in my Thirties.”

For someone who loves to stay busy, feeling young again is surely a very good thing.