One of Victoria’s favorite pastimes these days is to hike the boulder-strewn Pinnacle Peak trail through the pristine Sonoran Desert environment around her new home in Scottsdale, Arizona. It’s a mere four-mile hike, but it’s a long, long ways from where she came from and the life she left behind.

Victoria, who lives with her best friend and spouse Cyrus, is enjoying the life of a recent retiree, staying healthy in her 63rd year, enjoying nature, doing yoga, eating a plant-based diet, and getting plenty of exercise taking long walks on the many trails in the Valley of the Sun.

It’s a full and good life that Victoria retired to in the fall of 2020 when she elected to leave her former life behind. She has many treasured memories of that life and her 30-year career as a paralegal in the criminal division of a prosecuting attorney’s office in Middle Tennessee, primarily focused on white collar crimes.

“I also worked in the narcotics unit for five years and we prosecuted some important cases, but white collar crimes tend to be more complex, and I enjoyed that even more,” she says. “It was an exciting and fulfilling career.”

With her college degree in finance, Victoria spent about 12 years in accounting and administration before she decided to try law and right away, she knew it was right for her. “It was the best, most rewarding career I could have ever had,” she says. “There was a huge variety cases, and I was motivated by the brilliant people who inspired me and trusted and relied on me.

After three decades on the prosecutor’s team in Nashville, Victoria finally decided to put Music City in her rearview mirror and migrate west, mainly to be closer to other members of her family. “I’m not getting any younger so now I want to really concentrate on my health and my family.” Victoria says. “At the end of the day, you hope you can say you made a difference, working for the greater good instead of just making money working away on a hamster wheel. Even now, I believe there’s more I can do to make the world a better place before I leave it.”

I think it’s important that you align your life with someone who has the same values, and Cyrus is that for me. We both believe in hard work, integrity, honesty, and we hold trust in very high esteem,” Victoria says. “We also value being healthy, having intellectual pursuits and creative endeavors, practicing gratitude, and living by the golden rule.

About four years ago, as Victoria tells it, she was getting to a point where she didn’t feel as sharp and her memory was slipping a little bit, as can happen with age. Then one day Cyrus asked if she’d heard of Prevagen. “So I tried it, and could tell within two weeks that my memory just felt like it blossomed,” she says. “I felt sharper and quicker.