“Prevagen was the product that helped me.”

Lori, 54
Computer Systems Architect

Lori may live in the beautiful old Mississippi River city of Alton, Illinois with its history rooted deep in the 19th century, but in truth she inhabits another place altogether, which is the boundless universe and virtual reality of computers and connections called cyberspace.

Alton lies 18 miles upriver from St. Louis, with its famous Gateway Arch symbolizing the city’s role in the westward expansion of the country in the 1800’s. Alton is also slightly upriver from the confluence of the Missouri River into Old Man River where Lewis and Clark began their Corps of Discovery Expedition in 1803. Alton has its own place in 19th century American history, including its being the site of the last of the Lincoln-Douglas debates and the industrial expansion that produced blocks of magnificent Queen Anne style homes atop the limestone bluffs overlooking the river.

Footnotes like these to the history of the region in and around Alton serve to underscore the irony that Lori is living in a place known for its past while she is engaged in the creation of the future, a world that 19th century Americans could never have imagined.

Lori is a computer systems architect, which means she knows how to design and build complex systems that help people navigate their way through cyberspace to access, send and receive information. She works for a banking company that delivers its financial services not so much anymore at a teller’s window but on a computer screen, which of course is how the whole world seems to be working in these days of the 21st century.

“We find the right type of cyberspace environment to use, what type of operating system, what type of computer,” says this 54-year-old architect of the modern world. “What type of networks our customers need.”

Suffice to say Lori has a numbers-driven, analytical mind, its sharp edge honed by nearly 30 years working in the constantly evolving and expanding technology side of the banking business. And she takes good care of that mind.

“I have been using Prevagen regularly since I was 45 or 46,” she says. “I started using it as I grew older. Prevagen definitely helps me. I tried a different product for a few months a couple of years ago and found it to be ineffective. However, that experience just proved to me that Prevagen was the product that helped me.

Lori also works at keeping herself in tip top shape. “I love to exercise,” she says. “I like to do kickboxing and lift weights. During the COVID pandemic my gym was shut down so I tried different exercise workouts on things like You Tube in my home instead of going to the gym itself.”

Which is what you’d expect of someone who is a computer systems architect of the virtual reality that’s enabling people to live a good life in the rapidly evolving universe called cyberspace.