It's the little things in life.

Bernie, 65
Semi-Retired Teacher

Bernie is glad to let you know that he likes to complain any time he comes across a product that fails to perform as promised. But Bernie is also a straight-shooting guy who’ll call up a company to say thanks when a product not only meets his expectations but exceeds them.

Telling it like it is comes naturally to this 65-year-old semi-retired high school teacher and former snowplow driver for the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. That’s no doubt due to the fact that teenagers demand the truth and motorists need roads to be kept safe when winter dumps tons of lake effect snow on the landscape around Bernie’s home in Pennsylvania, just south of Lake Erie.

In addition to Bernie’s dedication to teaching teenagers and snow-plowing roads, he’s also become better at taking care of himself. Early on in this past year, he decided that he needed to shed some weight and that his house needed some long overdue fixing up. So he got focused on himself and his house, and about four and a half months later he had dropped 72 pounds and completed a to-do list of some 30 projects large and small.

“By the time I completed my to-do list I noticed that I was beginning to forget things, like where I left my hammer or some other tool,” Bernie says. “And then I saw one of those TV commercials about how Prevagen can help with age-related memory loss, and when I talked to my doctor about forgetting things he said maybe I should give it a try.”

“Well I tried it and much to my surprise it works, and it keeps getting better. I started remembering things I didn’t know I had forgot. So then I began testing my memory by leaving my hammer someplace on purpose and seeing if I could find it a day or so later, and I did!”

Another pleasant surprise came to Bernie as his memory started clicking more. He had played lead guitar in a band for something like 15 years but had difficulty remembering the chords and lyrics and so had stopped playing. “Now that I’m feeling more confident, I’m getting back to playing again,” he reports.

Not long ago, Bernie did what any staright-shooter would do, which was to call the customer relations office at Prevagen and tell his story. And thereby became another member of the PrevaGeneration of people who are living heaalthy, balanced and fulfilling lives.

As Bernie likes to say, “I tell people not to forget to thank God for sending you flowers last spring, and always remember it’s the little things in life you’ve got to be thankful for.”