“I definitely saw results. It was like my mind was no longer clouded up.”

Cheryl, 53
Administration & Accounting

In a sun drenched place south of the border down Mexico way, a 53-year-old woman named Cheryl has been living the good life for a remarkably long time…in fact ever since she retired at the age of 31, the sort of thing that can happen when you’re part of a Silicon Valley enterprise.

That happened when Cheryl had risen through the ranks in administration and accounting with a few companies and ultimately ended her career with stock options in a successful dot com company that went public.

So she and her husband decided it was a good time to put their pressure-packed life in Silicon Valley behind them and go south to the sun. They found a place in the resort city of Cabo San Lucas at the tip of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula, began sharpening their Spanish language skills, finding a new network of friends, and becoming part of the life of the community. Cheryl enjoys helping with fund-raising for an organization that provides construction of new dwellings, financial aid and emotional support for less fortunate neighbors, and she puts her love of cooking to use by baking dog treats to be sold to raise money for local animal rescues and shelters.

The couple spends about eight months of the year in Mexico, returning to their U.S home when Mexico’s summer heat becomes a tad too much. While in Cabo, they enjoy playing rounds of golf on the region’s many courses and love fishing in the seas all around them. Cheryl reports that Cabo’s plentiful billfish attract deep sea anglers from around the world. “But mainly I prefer to just surf-cast from shore,” she admits. “I have a real problem with motion sickness.”

Motion sickness out on the high seas hasn’t been Cheryl’s only health challenge as she has moved into the mid-years of life. As she ascended into her Fifties, she began noticing small age-related annoyances like looking for a familiar item but opening the wrong drawer of the kitchen. She just didn’t feel as sharp as she used to. One day early in 2019, she noticed a TV commercial for Prevagen and decided to order it on-line to give it a try.

“I took Prevagen for two months and definitely saw results,” she reports. “Then I switched to another product but never saw any changes. I couldn’t believe the difference from when I had used Prevagen and so I started taking it again.”

Cheryl says she soon began to experience the effect Prevagen had on her. “It was like my mind was no longer clouded up.”

Her ability to think clearly once again has reminded her of something her late father once said about an aunt who had died. “He told me that the one thing he regretted was he never told her he loved her,” Cheryl says. “It is so important that we tell people in our life how we feel, that we love them.”