“My mind is sharper now... I'm not having to reach for words.”

Judy, 78

When the big guy tappped her on the shoulder and asked her to dance that warm spring evening in Norfolk, Virginia more than 45 years ago , she somehow knew he was the one, so she said yes, and Judy and J.P. have been enjoying their life together ever since. “It was Kismet,” she says, and like all romantics who believe that Kismet and the power of love are the forces that control the things that happen to you in your life, Judy says simply, “J.P. and I were meant for each other.”

Her belief in the idea that fate and destiny brought J.P. into her life is by no means the full story of Judy’s life, which began going on 78 years ago in a small town in southern New Jersey and ultimately led to the good life she and J.P. enjoy today in Florida. The rest of her story is how a teenage Jersey Girl who loved to dance started making her own money by giving dance lessons in her parents’ basement, graduated high school, and went out into the world with the entrepreneurial drive she needed to manage her own career and find success.

Judy found both success and satisfaction in what she calls her “retirement years” working at the cosmetic counters of leading retailers in fashion-conscious Florida markets. As a six-foot red head who places a high value on a healthy diet and her physical fitness, Judy has also found time to keep up the dancing she once did in New York City and later on performing with the “Gold Diggers” dancers in Florida.

She and J.P. settled in a town on the Gulf Coast not only for the views and beaches but just as important, for the arts and cultural scene, especially her local community theatre that is one of the largest community theaters in the U.S. The couple also keeps busy supporting local charitable programs. “It’s just a crazy, wonderful life we have,” she says.

As a believer in both the idea of Kismet and the rewards of entrepreneurism, Judy offers a nugget of wisdom that embraces both fate and risk: “I’ve always believed that if the door opens just a little, you should walk through.”

Lately Judy began noticing some slippage in her memory while dealing with her cosmetics customers. “I was always asking customers to repeat their phone numbers,” she reports. “I saw some Prevagen ads and decided what did I have to lose? So I purchased the regular dosage and after about 90 days I started realizing I felt sharper.”

A better memory wasn’t all Judy began to notice. “I write a lot, and am pretty good with words,” she says. “My mind is just sharper now, which helps me feel like I’m not having to reach for words.”

For this remarkable Septuagenarian who has never been at a loss for words, finding Prevagen may be the biggest Kismet of all, excepting J.P. of course.