How to Give Back — Giving Tuesday
Giving Tuesday

How to Give Back — Giving Tuesday

This past Tuesday was Giving Tuesday. In case you're not aware, Giving Tuesday is the Tuesday after Thanksgiving - which was started in 2012. We have one day for giving thanks - Thanksgiving, and two days for shopping - Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Now, we have Giving Tuesday, a day where we can be thankful and give back. Giving Tuesday was created so you can give anything you can, whether it's time, money, your voice, or an act of kindness. Read on for ways you can give back to the community not only around the holidays but all year round.

  • Animal Shelter
  • Children’s Hospital
  • Thank your service members
  • Random acts of kindness

1. Animal Shelter. Sometimes we forget about our furry friends, but they need help, too! So, just how can we help the animals? Donate some extra blankets you have on hand, donate cat or dog food, or donate your lap! Animal shelters are always looking for volunteers, and spending time with pets has its benefits for you, too!

2. Children's Hospital. Children’s hospitals always have volunteer opportunities, and there are many ways you can give back. You can volunteer to rock newborns, donate clothing items, volunteer in the waiting room to help family members, or donate art supplies and board games. Your donation can lift a child's spirit like no other.

3. Thank your service members. Around the holidays, you probably get a few extra days off of work. However, your local firefighters, police officers, doctors, and nurses are always working and at the ready to help others. Now is your chance to thank these people for all that they do to keep the community safe. There are so many options to thank these service members. Occasionally, you may see a police officer grabbing a bite to eat. If you can, pick up their bill. Drop off a care package of snacks and other goodies at the local fire station. A simple verbal "thank you" to your doctor means more than you know. These people give so much, it's time we give back!

4. Random acts of kindness. Spend your day finding random acts of kindness to perform. Perhaps you're going for a walk and see a parking meter about to expire. Spare some change and give them more time on the meter. That person's day will be turned around! Maybe you're getting your morning coffee, and there's someone behind you in line. Tell the cashier you want to pay for their coffee also. Little acts of kindness can have huge impacts.

So, there you have it! Just a few of the many ways you can give back to the community. Keep in mind, although the holidays are about helping others and giving back, we should keep this mindset throughout the whole year. We leave you with a quote by Anne Frank, "No one has ever become poor by giving."