How to Practice Gratitude
Being Thankful

How to Practice Gratitude

Thanksgiving is a time where you can reflect and be thankful for everything you have, whether it’s food, friends, or family – which is what most people are thankful for, according to Survey Junkie. We understand that sometimes you may not take the time to fully appreciate everything every day, so here are 3 ways you can practice gratitude for not only Thanksgiving, but every day.

Volunteer. For many, the key to having more gratitude, is to give back. Seeing someone in more need than us is a good way for you to appreciate the things you may take for granted. This holiday season, volunteer at a soup kitchen, or an animal shelter. You'll learn to appreciate the little things more, and form connections with others.

Live in the moment. In this day and age, this is easier said than done, but it's important to live for the moment and appreciate everything you have. Try this: No phones at the dinner table. Emails can wait! Take the time to focus on the people around you. Having solid relationships is healthy for your brain and will make everyone happier.

Stop complaining. Instead of thinking, "It's snowing, so I can't drive in the snow!" change your thoughts to "Nature looks so beautiful covered in snow." When you change your thoughts from negative to positive, it affects you and everyone around you!

These are just a few ways you can practice gratitude. We hope you have a very happy Thanksgiving!