5 Ways to Avoid the Afternoon Slump
5 Ways to Avoid the Afternoon Slump

5 Ways to Avoid the Afternoon Slump

Even highly motivated people often feel the afternoon slump hit sometime after lunch. That wave of lethargy and sleepiness is tough to get through. The good news is that you can actually take steps to avoid that energy crash. Here’s a look at five ways you can avoid the afternoon slump.

1 – Check Your Carbs

What kind of carbs are you eating? Slow-acting carbohydrates keep you feeling full longer and keep blood sugar levels steady. Choose these carbs over-processed options. Great options include wholegrain pasta, rolled oats, chickpeas, and multigrain bread.

2 – Choose Your Snacks Wisely

Don’t look at your snacks as a “treat” and go for something with no nutritional value. Instead, your snack should be like a mini-meal that boosts your nutrition and offers fuel to keep you going over that slump. Veggies and fruits boost nutrient intake, while unsweetened yogurt gives you a great boost of protein.

3 – Step Away From the Sugar

It’s easy to grab the sugar for a quick easy energy boost. Unfortunately, that’s going to result in a quick blood sugar rise and then a fall. While a sugary snack seems like a quick solution, it’ll only make your afternoon slump worse 30 minutes later.

4 – Drink, Drink, Drink (Water, that is)

If your body isn’t getting enough water, all the body’s processes slow down. That often leaves you feeling sluggish. Make sure you’re drinking throughout the day. When you start feeling that afternoon slump, drink more water. It’ll make a big difference.

5 – Pay Attention to Your Sleep

Even missing out on an hour of sleep at night can affect your function the next day. Memory can suffer, reactions may be slower, and you’ll feel sleepier. If you notice your energy is tanking every afternoon, pay attention to the amount of sleep you’re getting. Try getting 30-60 minutes more sleep each night to boost energy all day long.

You don’t have to experience a daily afternoon slump. Try following these steps to eliminate that energy drop after lunch. Don’t forget to take your Prevagen supplement in the morning, too