4 Ways You’ll Get the Best Sleep Tonight
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4 Ways You’ll Get the Best Sleep Tonight

So many things can interrupt your sleep at night, and tossing and turning at night makes it tough to make it through the next day. Getting enough sleep is essential to your overall health and wellbeing, too.

Although you can’t control all the factors that may interfere with sleep, there are some tips you can follow to help you improve your sleep.

1 – Watch What You Eat…And Drink!

What you eat and drink affects how you sleep at night. Avoid large meals within a couple of hours of heading to bed. Otherwise, discomfort and the energy needed for digestion may interrupt sleep. Drinking caffeinated beverages or alcohol too close to bedtime can also disrupt sleep. While caffeine may keep you awake, alcohol often makes you feel sleepy at first and then may disrupt your sleep later.

2 – Take Time to Get Active

Exercising during the day promotes improved sleep at night. Most people who get active find that they rest better at night. Just make sure you don’t exercise too close to bedtime or it may keep you awake.

3 – Ditch the Electronics Before You Snooze

Electronics emit blue light, which can trick the brain into thinking it’s daytime and reduce the production of hormones that help you nod off. Try to avoid electronics for an hour or two before bedtime, or at least go with glasses or apps that help block blue light.

4 – Handle Your Worries

Worries have a way of keeping you up at night if you don’t handle them. Before you head to bed, try resolving those worries. Writing down the things on your mind and setting them aside can help quiet your brain so you’re able to sleep. Meditation may also help reduce anxiety and worry, improving sleep.

It’s possible to improve your sleep, so start following these tips to get a better night of rest. And when you wake up feeling rested, be sure to take your Prevagen supplement first thing to give your memory a boost during the day.