Susan Shares Her Story

“I just feel like there’s more of a rhythm now.”

Susan, 58
Former Realtor Studying to be a Vet Tech

Susan is someone who doesn’t mind taking different paths through her life. Just having turned 58, she lives in Chicago and is now on her way to becoming a veterinarian technician. That may not be all that unusual, until you know that she sold real estate for the last 15 or so years, and before that she earned a college degree in graphic arts after working in the family’s nuts and bolts business for some 17 years.

She has an entirely reasonable explanation for why, in her mid-50s, she walked away from her long career in real estate to become a vet tech. “I thought, well I want to do something I have a huge passion for, which is to work with animals. I’ve always done pet sitting and dog walking on the side just for fun. I’ve always had cats because in Chicago, it’s easier to have cats as pets. I love my cats, but dogs are humans. Humans with four legs. So I decided to start the veterinarian technician program.”

Around the same time, she also started to notice she was forgetting more, which can happen with age. “How the heck was I going to do this Vet Tech program? That’s when I started using Prevagen.”

She continues, “After the first three months of starting with the Prevagen, I suddenly had a strange realization. Not that I was remembering everything, but I would remember that I was forgetting something”.

“It’s been a full year now and I just feel like there’s more of a rhythm now, it’s okay, I’ve got this.”

Susan also takes good care of herself as she goes down her own path through life. “I love to cook, and I try to eat healthy,” she says. She also walks to do her errands in the neighborhood instead of driving her car. “I make a mental map and I don’t time it, but it usually turns out to take about an hour and a half to two hours.”

For someone who has always liked to chart new pathways in her life and follow her passions, it’s no wonder she makes mental maps and follows them.