Cary Shares His Story

Cary spent a lot of his adult life working as an administrative assistant for what he proudly calls “one of the premier law firms in San Francisco,” but these days he is happily retired from that life, tending to a decidedly different class of clients…old dogs.

“Now I keep myself busy because I’ve always been a very passionate animal lover and guardian so I do volunteer work three times a week at a local animal rescue group here,” he says.

“It’s for senior dogs, because you know, dogs that are older than six or seven are very hard to adopt. So, we do extensive online and TV advertisements, letting people know that there’s a lot of adorable dogs who may be senior dogs but they’re looking for their forever loving homes.”

“Right now,” Cary adds, “I’m between dogs because my most recent one passed away earlier this year. And, you know I am still in the grieving stage so probably in the fall, I’ll be looking for another dog.”

He stays busy and keeps in shape by all the walking he does up and down those hills of the beautiful City by the Bay, plus putting in an hour on his exercise bicycle almost every day. Now 66 years old, Cary enjoys his life in the same city his parents moved the family to back when he was just a boy. They came West from New York City, he explains with a little laugh in his voice, saying, “which is why I still haven’t lost my New York accent.”

His parents have since passed away, and Cary has also lost a brother and sister, but he keeps connected to a network of good friends in the Bay area. It was a trip a few months ago to visit one of his friends that caused him to start using Prevagen. He tells the story with a mixture of understandable stress and self-deprecating humor, and only a trace of that New York accent.

Cary continues with his story, “After that day, I just said to myself, I have got to get something that helps me keep up day to day. I’d been watching those Prevagen commercials so the following day, I went to my neighborhood pharmacy, and I purchased Prevagen.”

“I’ve been using it since around April. I have improved memory and you know, my mind feels sharper, I have clearer thinking and I’m recalling things better. I really feel it’s helping me.”

Which is to say, for a fellow who has spent most of his life working for lawyers and then filling his days in retirement taking care of old dogs, it is nice to hear that Cary is getting some help just for himself.