“Her memory had begun to serve her well once again.”

Sandy, 78
Retired X-ray Technician

There is a very nice lady living quite contentedly in the New England town of Boxford, a bucolic little burg just north of Boston that has no stoplights, no streetlights, and only two stores downtown, one a general store and the other, you guessed it, an ice cream shop.

According to the history books, the first Europeans to populate this corner of the New World began arriving in the year 1646, very nearly 400 years ago, and since those early days a whole lot of American history has unfolded in this northeastern corner of Massachusetts snug by the Atlantic.

Sandy and her late physician husband ultimately came along around the middle of the 20th century and put down roots in Boxford where he built a thriving medical practice and she worked as the X-ray technician for the practice until she stepped away when the first of their two children was born.

The kids are grown and her husband has passed away, but Sandy is still able to find contentment in her life. She likes to take walks around her picture-perfect small town, and she remains in close touch with her circle of friends. As a widow now in her late Seventies, Sandy counts her friends as a key to a happy life. “Keeping your friends is so important,” she says.

About six years ago, Sandy began to notice that her memory was slipping a little, as can happen when we get older. Then one day Sandy was sharing her concern with an old friend and got some advice that turned out to be a real help. He suggested that her good friend Sandy give Prevagen a try to help support her memory.

Sandy took her friend’s suggestion and soon began to notice that her memory had begun to serve her well once again. For a very nice lady living in a very nice town with a long list of active citizens over nearly 400 years of American history, being able to remember a thing or two can be a great source of contentment, a key ingredient of the PrevaGeneration’s healthy, balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.