“Within a couple of months, my daughter said, ‘Mom, you’re remembering more!’”

Gail, 64
Teacher & Water Aerobics Instructor

Gail is a woman who hates to waste her time just sitting around. “I’m a doer, not a sitter,” says this 64-year-old school teacher and water aerobics instructor who hails from Wheeling in her beautiful home state of West Virginia.

To say Gail is an educator is true enough, but it falls well short of telling the full story of her lifetime of learning new things and doing them to the very best of her abilities. After graduating from high school, she went to work in a local bank and stayed on the job until she embraced the responsibilities of full-time motherhood.

Once the children were in high school, Gail was ready to tackle new challenges so she went to college and earned a teaching degree. That led to a 14-year-long career as a English Language Arts teacher, transitioning two years ago into an educational coaching position. As an innovation coach, she helps teachers introduce new technologies to their students.

One of the highlights of her teaching career was being named the West Virginia Teacher of the Year, a recognition that she and other of our country’s top teachers shared in a ceremony at the White House. The President congratulated the teachers in a Rose Garden ceremony, and they serenaded him in return. It was surely a magical moment in the life of this woman from Wheeling, but Gail wasn’t ready to take a seat and call it a game.

During her years as a stay-at-home mother, Gail had taken up a fitness training program that combines aerobic exercise and dancing. “I loved the program and I said to myself, ‘I could do this!’ So I became an instructor,” she reports. As happens to so many seniors, arthritic knees caused her to end her 27-year career with that program. Knowing she wasn’t ready to sit on the couch, her next step was to try doing water aerobics. Finding she really enjoyed working out in water, she once again said to herself, “I could teach this, too!” So she became an instructor and these days can be found leading people of all ages through their watery exercises in the pool at an aquatic center.

Gail continues to lead a full and active life, so her decision to try Prevagen was a natural step for her to take. “I have a lot on my plate at any given time,” she says. “Staying at the top of my game and taking care of my health is my number one priority, so it made sense for me to want to support my brain health as well.”

Prevagen seemed to offer what Gail was looking for, so two years ago she became a customer. “After taking Prevagen for a short time, I started feeling like I had better mental clarity. Within a couple of months, my daughter said, ‘Mom, you’re remembering more!’ That was just what I needed to hear. It works!”

Typical of today’s PrevaGeneration, Gail maintains a healthy, balanced and fulfilling lifestyle, not only as a 64-year-old educator and water aerobics instructor but also a person who likes to walk her own dog and the dog of an elderly neighbor. Her kindness to that elderly neighbor is a telling insight into how Gail looks at life.

“My role model is my 96-year-old mother, who has always taken good care of herself,” Gail says. “It’s why I’ve always stayed active, why I’m a doer not a sitter, and why I believe it’s important to keep learning new things to do, and do them.”