“I can really see the difference.”

Patsy, 78
Retired Bookkeeper

When Patsy took retirement from her job in the Cooke County Clerk’s office in Gainesville, Texas, her supervisor let her know how much she would be missed.

“When I did finally quit, my boss came to me and said, ‘Oh Patsy, you’re going to have to show me how to do this thing you do.”

Patsy’s main job in the county clerk’s office was to make double-sure that all the documents going into the office files were spot-on accurate.

“What I did was scan documents make sure the spelling was correct then make sure they were put in the correct file with the correct case number, the correct date, the correct names of people, and so on and so forth,” she recounts. I worked at banks, and I worked for a CPA. I’ve worked as a bookkeeper, and as an apartment manager. So I’ve done a little bit everything.”

The road through her long-life Patsy has had its rough going, to be sure, especially the chemo and radiation treatment she has had to endure in her battle with cancer. She matter-of-factly recounts the pain and suffering brought on by her medical treatments, and how the battle led to her retirement from the county clerk’s office.

Through it all, Patsy has held on to her love of people and her unbendable faith. “I’m a very loving and compassionate person,” she says. “I love being around people and helping people. And I just want everyone to know that we have a wonderful living God who loves us.”

Patsy also has another message to share with others. “I’ve been taking Prevagen for about three years and I really can see the difference,” she says.

“My life has changed for the better since I started taking it. My mind is clearer and sharper, with less of the absentmindedness that can happen with age. Prevagen has really improved my life. I would tell anyone to try Prevagen and they will see the differences. Their lives will be better.”