“There was a difference in my ability to remember.”

Patricia, 85

These days this 85-year-old author is enjoying a comfortable life in a mini-ranch on the outskirts of San Antonio with her husband James, a retired Army chaplain and occasional co-author of their published work. The couple’s writing output amounts to more than 20 books, all of them meant for both young and adult readers, and all of them infused with a deep and abiding religious faith.

Patricia proudly shares a book that she and her husband co-authored, delivering a message that they believe is at the core of a good life. “It provides spiritual guidance to teens and adults as they journey through life,” she says, “reminding us to embrace God.” To which her husband adds, “Our spiritual life is really the foundation of everything. We live our faith.”

They don’t just write and publish books, they also distribute them at area military bases, hospitals and churches. “We’ve given out our books at the three big military bases in the San Antonio area,” Patricia says. “We had a big basket of our books at one of the medical center where the wounded warriors are, and they were gone in a day.”

The couple is also committed to producing many of their books in the Spanish language, working with a locally-based language teacher to make sure their writing can be accessed by readers in markets like Mexico. Through a new publishing venture, their books are also finding a world-wide audience.

Patricia doesn’t hesitate when discussing an issue that cropped up in her highly disciplined writing life a while back. “I have always been very active in my mind and about six years ago, as I got older, I noticed that I no longer remembered everything quite like I used to,” she says. “It caused me frustration. I need to be sharp in writing my books and corresponding with people who want to buy my books.

“I picked up a bottle of Prevagen and began to take the pill every day,” she continues. “There was a difference in my ability to remember with a focused mind as I got back to normal. Since taking the pill in the last six years I have written 19 children’s books and two adult books, and now I am writing four more books simultaneously.”

This extraordinary word-warrior tops off her story with a tidbit that helps explain the huge success of her faith-based life as a writer. “I’m a workaholic,” she admits. “I don’t smoke and I don’t drink, and I still drive a car.” There is clearly no stopping this literary phenomenon.