"Prevagen has helped her with forgetfulness."

Karen, 70.

If someday you happen to notice a couple driving down the highway engaged in, shall we say, a serious conversation, you might be looking at a very nice lady named Karen trying very hard to convince her very nice husband named Jim not to take a wrong turn.

She sometimes has her hands full as this couple from Texas is out there on the highway somewhere in the American West doing what they love, which is to embark on one of their road trip vacations taking in the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains. “Some people go to another country or maybe take a cruise,” Karen says, “but what we like to do is to explore this wonderful and very beautiful country of ours.”

The thing that adds a little zest to their road trips, and no doubt to their happily married life, is that Jim’s driving and Karen having a funny habit of saying one thing while she means quite the opposite. Like “turn left up here, honey,” when she actually means “turn right up here, honey.”

Karen is semi-retired at the age of 70 from her long career in meter-reading for an electric utility, and Jim is now fully-retired from his equally long career as a teacher in the local high school that he actually attended as a guy growing up in his hometown of Huntsville.

“He can be a little hard to deal with,” Karen laughs. “You know teachers, they always think they know everything!” Then she adds, still chuckling, “Of course, I can be a little difficult myself, what with my way of sometimes saying one thing when I mean the other!”

Her secret to keeping things in balance is to always try to understand what the other person is feeling and to follow the Golden Rule in all relationships.

Another thing she and Jim have fully embraced is the use of Prevagen to help them cope with a tendency to be a little forgetful as they have aged. Jim started taking Prevagen a few months ago, and Karen followed suit more recently. “We have experienced greater fluidity,” Karen reports.

For a couple who manages to keep their communications flowing, that’s a very nice thing.