“Taking Prevagen has helped me continue to feel good about myself.”

Jeremy, 70s
Stains and Polishing Contractor

Jeremy has found added self-confidence, and he couldn’t be a happier man. This Seventies Something Californian, who lives in the quirky cool Los Angeles suburb called Eagle Rock just a stone’s throw from Pasadena, enjoys a rewarding life as a stains and polishing contractor for a decorative concrete company.

Jeremy remembers a difficult childhood of regular criticism from his parents, which he said made him unable to communicate with other people “because I felt I was not good enough. I just didn’t think very much of myself, that there was something wrong with me.” But, over the years, that changed, and he likes to point out that his job now requires him to talk to a lot of people, adding, “I have to be able to communicate with them. And they have to trust me.”

Fairly recently he noticed a Prevagen commercial on TV and decided to give it a try. “Taking Prevagen has helped me continue to feel good about myself and the decisions I make.”

This example of the Prevageneration lifestyle of health, balance and fulfillment is indeed living the good life out there in Eagle Rock, in touch with himself and the world around him. “I’m enjoying every day of my life,” he happily reports.