“It really works.”

Herb, 75
Retired Veteran

Herb says he first heard the Word of God back in 1967, the year after he’d returned home from Vietnam, where he’d put his life on the line as a paratrooper in a fabled division of the armed services making 24 jumps into combat zones with his brothers in arms before coming back home with an award pinned to his chest for heroic service to his country.

You’d think the young veteran would maybe lick a few wounds and take a well-earned rest, but not Herb. He’d served three years, and he was just getting started on the rest of his life when he got the word in a church in Philadelphia where a friend took him one evening.

“I was just out of the military where I’d seen a lot of my fellow troopers zipped into body bags and I was not interested in going to church but I went and for the first time in my life I heard that I was born a sinner and needed to be born again to go to heaven,” as he still clearly remembers that life-changing moment from more than 50 years ago.

I gave my life to the Lord that night and my life was changed. I was baptized and joined a Bible preaching church. I walk with the Lord and pray and read my Bible every day,” he tells his story. “I reach out to people who are not saved and share the gospel with them.”

Born in Florida and raised in the cotton fields of Georgia, Herb made his way forward in the world by enlisting just as the Vietnam War was expanding. He did his duty with honor and courage, came home, found God in that Philadelphia church, and put his nose to the proverbial grindstone. He went to work in a large pharmaceutical company, putting extra-long hours, saved his money, and got some sound investment advice.

“It was good advice from some folks that I know the Lord sent to me,” Herb takes pleasure in explaining. It was such good advice that today at age of 75, with five grown children and 14 grandchildren, Herb is living the good life, retired and driving his luxury sports car all around, and spending time at his vacation home up in the Poconos in eastern Pennsylvania. He loves to travel and has visited most of the U.S. He also takes very good care of himself, going to the gym three days a week and doing some heavy lifting, still able to bench press his weight.

Herb is crystal clear on what it takes to lead a good life. “Obey the word of God,” he admonishes. “I like to tell people Hell is too hot and Eternity is too long to spend without the Lord.”

It hasn’t been an Eternity, but Herb has been a faithful user of Prevagen for at least the last 10 years. He’d begun to have some minor memory problems as can happen with age, and after seeing a Prevagen commercial on TV one night, he gave it a try. “It really works,” says this true believer, words from a paratrooper who lives by the Word of God and every day gives thanks that he heard it.