“After trying the product I could tell a difference.”

Dawn, 59

Dawn doesn’t quit, she keeps looking forward to the day when she can get back to the work she loves and maybe spend more of her spare time tending her garden behind the home she and her husband have established in the historic city of Clinton, North Carolina.

“My husband is a master electrician, and we have our own electrical services company. I completed the apprenticeship program and I just love being outside doing that kind of work,” she says.
Dawn is on the path to mending a painful back condition that has disabled her from her workaday life and left her with little to do these days, beyond the pleasure she finds in taking care of the couple’s Shih Tzu with a name that Dawn laughingly reveals is Sassy “because she sure is!”

She also keeps busy caring for a couple of stray cats that showed up on the doorstep of their home in the countryside around Clinton, which is about halfway between Raleigh and the North Carolina coastline. The city’s history began with its founding in the middle of the 1700’s and became a backdrop for important battles in the American Revolution. It seems a perfect fit for a couple of modern day patriotic Americans like Dawn and Richard.

“I believe in hard work and telling the truth,” Dawn says. “Being a good friend and you know, I like to help people.”

She also includes her strong religious faith to the fore in discussing how to lead a good and fulfilling life. “Life wasn’t promised to be simple or easy,” she says. “So don’t give up. Keep on pushing forward. Follow the good path and never give up.”

That determination came into play for Dawn earlier this year. She reports, “I was having problems with remembering. It seemed I was more absentminded.”

She sums up her experience, “And so after trying the product I could tell a difference, and I was like, wow, this is good!”Which has been some welcome good news for someone who has been soldiering on in the face of back pain that’s put her on the sidelines with a constant desire to get back out there and put her electrical know-how to good use helping people keep their electricity working.