“Edith discovered that Prevagen is helping her stay sharp.”

Edith, 60s
Retired Tax Collector

If you were someone in the State of California who had fallen behind in your tax-paying responsibilities and you got a call from someone in the Golden’s State’s tax office, you would have been well-served if the person on the line was a soft-spoken lady by the name of Edith.

She’s retired now from her career as a tax-collector and enjoying her life in Gardena, a city in the South Bay region of Los Angeles County. But in her day, Edith was a lion of a tax-collector who knew the secret to her success was often to act more like a lamb, dealing with people under considerable stress and not at all interested in talking to a tax-collector.

“I always tried to work with them to find a way for them meet their obligations,” she says. “Always treat people with respect is a lesson I learned early in my time with the bureau, and it’s stuck with me to this day.”

This Sixty Something Californian started working for the State of California as a secretary but found time to earn an undergraduate degree in accounting, which would serve her well as she ascended the career ladder and began working with folks who may have slipped up in their own accounting. Today, Edith no longer has to immerse herself in the balance sheets of other people, but she does keep track of her own finances and pays her bills on time.

She stays in touch with former colleagues, not only getting together regularly for lunch but also keeping fit with trips to a local fitness center to work out and participate in a dance class. She travels back to Texas from time to time to visit family in the Houston area and every once in a while goes back to reconnect with her family’s roots in Monroe, Louisiana. Edith prefers her life in Southern California, and keeps busy taking walks around her neighborhood, doing her shopping to maintain a healthy diet, and keeping her mind sharp solving Sudoku puzzles.

Edith also discovered that Prevagen is helping her stay sharp. She had begun to experience the subtle mental lapses that can happen with normal aging. She noticed a Prevagen commercial on TV and went to the Prevagen web site to learn more. She bought a bottle and gave it a try.

Happily living a healthy, active and fulfilling life in the suburb of Gardena tucked into the challenging metroplex of Los Angeles, this is a woman you may see someday taking a walk or shopping at the mall. Edith is, like other members of the Prevageneration, a person who knows where she is and where she is going.