“I feel more confident.”

Donna, 65

Donna was born and raised and spent her whole life here, and has rarely if ever traveled very far from home. And why would she, after all this 65-year-old lady of Maine lives in South Portland, by all accounts one of the prettiest places in America.

Retired now from years of working in a local supermarket, the center of Donna’s life these days is her family, especially her six grandchildren and two great grandchildren. “The biggest thing in my life of course is my family and being there for them when they need me, because they’re like an extension of me,” she says. “I have to be right on the ball for them.”

The other important part of Donna’s life has always been her work ethic. “Besides my family,” she says, “right up until I retired, my work was always a big part of my life. You know, my attitude has always been since when I was just getting started working that it’s the responsible thing to be going to work every day and working overtime if I had to. I mean there were days that I would go to work when I didn’t need to go to work, because I forgot I didn’t need to go to work. You know, it’s just what I stand for.”

Given her super strong work ethic, it was particularly hard for Donna to accept that as she started getting a little older, she began having some minor problems with her memory. “I was forgetting things,” she admits. When she became older, she began facing the onset of arthritis and some other problems with her health, so Donna stepped down from her job at the supermarket and committed herself to helping her daughter and her grandchildren.

She also has been taking care of her own well-being. “I do everything I can to keep myself healthy,” Donna says. “You know, I don’t want any more health problems to come to me in my older age so I have a dog named Hero and we walk for four or five times a day, and I also ride my bike and work out at home.”

She has been paying close attention to her memory, and relates her experience with Prevagen has been helping her. “It’s only been a few months since I began taking Prevagen because I was noticing my memory wasn’t as sharp,” Donna says. “But now that I’m taking the Prevagen, it’s better and I feel more confident.”

Clearly Donna is a lady of Maine who works hard at the responsibilities and the challenges in her life. And now that she’s found Prevagen, she’s more able than ever to share her story.