“I feel sharper and more like my old self.”

Dawn, 49

From where Dawn sits these days, the view is spellbinding. Her high rise apartment in Long Island City overlooks the East River directly at the gleaming Manhattan skyline. It’s a look like none other, and she loves the view, of course, but as a lifelong New Yorker, she has seen a lot of the Big Apple in her life and she can be pretty hard to impress.

This receptionist and assistant bookkeeper for a glass recycling company in Queens came into the world 49 years ago in another New York City borough, namely the Bronx. “I was raised in the best place in New York,” Dawn says. “I grew up around the Grand Concourse and we lived near the stadium.” Which of course is New Yorker code meaning she’s probably not a fan of the other baseball team.

“The area where I live in now is a new complex that they just built up over by the East River,” she says, allowing just a taste of pride into the sound of her unmistakable New Yorker accent. “It has a beautiful park and it has joggers and bikers and I’m literally like maybe three blocks away from the river. I have the skyline view from my apartment.”

She stays busy in her free time and staying healthy. “I gave up cigarettes about seven years ago,” she reports. “I enjoy exercising and riding my bike along the east River. I love listening to music and dancing around the house when I cook. I am always walking because it’s the best thing in the world for your health.

But, as in most lives, she’s felt a little less sharp as she’s aged. “I was going through some changes as I got older where I was having little memory lapses,” Dawn says. “I would forget the easiest things.”

She adds, “I just didn’t feel right. But let me tell you, I tried the Prevagen, and to be honest, it’s been amazing for me. Literally woke me up. I feel sharper and more like my old self. I became outgoing again.”

Which is very good news for any true New Yorker.