“I have been using Prevagen for years now and would never stop.”

Cheryl, 72
Retired Newspaper Editor

Cheryl has what can only be called a kind of relentless curiosity and desire to help others that have been driving her for most of her life. As she readily admits, “I get bored real easy.

She calls Houston home these days, a good long ways from where she started out 72-years ago. When she was 14 her father moved the family out of Ohio and headed west to Wyoming. Twenty-six years later, she moved down to Arizona and stayed for 11 years and then moved with her husband to Texas. That’s just the road map of her life, here’s how she describes what she did along the way:

“In Arizona I was editor and publisher of three newspapers for four years, newspapers, and that was very interesting. I’ve also run a plumbing company that I helped the owners build into a million-dollar company. So I had a lot of jobs, you know, rewarding jobs. I worked for the physically and mentally handicapped adults by going out in the community and helping them find jobs, and then I worked with mentally handicapped children, and I worked with the school district helping them get funding.” After the years in Arizona, Cheryl and her husband moved to Houston. “I worked in sales,” she says, “and then I had neck problems and I ended up having three neck surgeries over a two-year period and that put me on disability at the age of 58. And then we took care of my mother until she passed and I took care of his mother until she passed. So yes, you could say I’ve had a full life. I’ve learned a lot along the way. I’ve grown a lot.

She looks back on this life of hers with special pride in her work trying to help others, especially running those community newspapers in Arizona. “I think we’re all here to help each other,” she says. “With the newspapers I felt like I was like Don Quixote, serving people who depended on the paper to tell them what was going on. I would dig into the facts and find the truth, and the readers trusted me to do that. I’ve always tried to work at things where I was able to help other people. You know, that’s very rewarding.”

Although as she’s aged, Cheryl has had to step back from her active work life, but she and her husband still manage to enjoy a healthy life, especially enjoying the countryside on some property they own deep in the heart of Texas. The couple has always liked to do some fishing, and these days occasionally drive down to Galveston to try their luck in the Gulf of Mexico.

As Cheryl moved into her Sixties, she says she began to struggle with some weakening in her memory, as can happen with age. “I have been using Prevagen for years now and would never stop,” she reports. “I think everyone should try Prevagen.