“My mind is clearer now, things come to me and I’m sharper.”

Robert, 53
Towing Service Owner

Robert is one of those guys you hope you never need, but when you do need the kind of help he provides you sure hope he’ll take your call. What Robert does is operate his own tow truck business in the Kansas City metroplex town of Grandview, Missouri, and over the last 25 years he’s pulled a whole lot of cars out of the ditch.

He’s actually done a lot more than just haul cars out of a ditch, he’s charged a dead battery or maybe brought some gas for a tank that’s gone empty on some poor soul. And he’s done it in the dead of night, he’s done it in the middle of a snowstorm, and plenty of times he’s had to shove back from his dinner table and go help somebody.

“I’m the owner and the operator of a towing company,” Robert says. “I do the dispatching, the service calls, I do everything, I’m the one owner, the one driver. You know, the one person that does it all. I run 24 hours around the clock so I’m constantly on the go, jumpstarting cars, bringing them fuel, pulling them out of ditches. Yeah, I do all of that.”

When he’s not answering the call, Robert is keeping an eye on his 79-year-old mother, and when he’s not doing that he likes to go shoot a little pool or maybe bowl a few frames. Or, he loves to watch NASCAR races, which is probably understandable given that he’s watching cars go very fast without going into the ditch, usually.

“I’m a true American,” Robert says, “just an old fashioned American guy. I believe in God and I have faith in God’s truth. I was born and raised as a Catholic, that’s been part of my growing up. I was an altar boy and I’ve always tried to live a good clean, healthy life.”

It’s been a full and rewarding life for this bachelor, taking care of his elderly mother, working hard 24/7/365 all by himself, answering the calls all times of day or night in all kinds of weather, doing the work, keeping the books, watching his business, nobody to do it but himself.

One of the things he’s struggled with over the years is trying to remember everything and everyone he has to take care of. “One time I saw a Prevagen commercial and I started to use it I and I was impressed that it worked.”

He adds, “My mind is clearer now, things come to me and I’m sharper. Yes, it’s amazing how everything is simplified for me now.”

For a guy out there in his truck on his way to haul someone out of a ditch, all alone and with nobody he can ask, being able to answer his own questions is a real plus.