Trisha is one of those people with the remarkable ability to make a wonderful life in a beautiful place even more wonderful and more beautiful. She lives in the sun-dappled community of Mill Valley nestled in the north end of San Francisco Bay, which all by itself is enough to satisfy anyone who aspires to life in a place most people are apt to think of as perfect.

But for this 70- year-old woman with a college minor in nutrition who enjoys being a part-time dental hygienist, her home in Mill Valley has long been like a well-tended garden filled with many friends and a healthy, active lifestyle that includes long walks and bike rides around a town that is frequently included on lists of good places to live in America.

She spends big chunks of time tending an actual garden around her home, where she leads “a calm and beautiful life” for which she credits a higher power. “God is the source of all the joy in my life,” says this deeply spiritual woman who is able to quote scripture at the drop of her gardening hat.

Like just about everyone who has lived a long life and has aged well, Trisha has had her share of sadness and setbacks through the years, in particular the passing of her husband a couple years ago, leaving her a widow faced with the necessity to make her way on her own. “Bad things happen to everyone, but you don’t have to nurse it or curse it or rehearse it, you just make something good out of it,” declares this fiercely independent and feisty woman who manages to convey her feelings in a calm and friendly way.

One of the points she willingly shares is her strongly held belief that her use of Prevagen has been a key to her ability to maintain a good memory as she has grown older. Her discovery and use of the product goes back at least ten years when her only way to obtain Prevagen was by ordering it on-line.

“I had just begun to notice my memory was slipping,” Trisha reports. “And one day I was watching Doug Kaufman’s program ‘Know the Cause’ on TV. He had as his guest the founder of the company that had just begun to offer Prevagen, and I was very impressed by his story of the research that had led him to the creation of Prevagen. I liked the way he talked about it as something that he knew could help people with their memory. So I ordered the product and used it and sure enough it did begin to make a difference.”

She reports that a lot of her friends and others have noticed that her memory is sharper than it used to be.

Which is just another way Trisha has made a wonderful life even more wonderful.