Hi, I’m Steve, I’m 47 years old, and I live in Austin, Texas.

What I really love is to spend time with my friends and I’m a foodie. You know, I love to eat and share it with somebody whose company I enjoy.

I work as a personal assistant to the owner of a large manufacturing firm. I’ve got anywhere from ten to fifty projects going at any given time. My job has a pretty significant stress level. I absolutely have to be sharp in order to succeed at this job.

Five years ago is when I started to notice decline. I started making mistakes. I started to get worried. My memory was not nearly as sharp as it had been. I was confiding with my friend telling her about the problems I was having with my memory and she said, ‘Steven, you’ve got to try Prevagen. Let’s get you a bottle, I think it’s going to help.’ And the bottle that I grabbed happened to be the chewables. I randomly selected a berry flavor. I’m glad that I did. The berry flavor is delicious.

After a period of time with taking Prevagen, I started to feel like there was some improvement. My memory was getting better, and I started to feel a much better sense of wellbeing.

If you’re experiencing what I was experiencing, go to the store, but a bottle of Prevagen, try it. I really believe that it’s going to have tremendous effects for you, just like it did for me.