“I’m Mark, I’m 69 years old, and my wife, Ruthann and I live in Vero Beach, Florida.”

“I worked in the insurance industry in Connecticut for 40 years. My wife and I have three children. We eat healthy, we exercise, we walk down to the beach, and then we come up and we walk through the village, and we do spend a lot of time outdoors.”

“I used to be a long-distance runner. Now, five miles is plenty for me.”

“Andy the wonder dog – no grandchildren so that’s our grandchild (laughs). I love that dog! I enjoy hiking. I’ve got buddies that I’ve been hiking with on a regular basis. A big trip once a year. You just get away from civilization for a few days and it’s wonderful.”

“I noticed that I was slowing down. I wasn’t as sharp, I wasn’t as fast, and I mentioned it to Ru and she said that she had been taking something called Prevagen and it was really working for her and suggested that I try it. So, I said, ‘Oh, well I’ll try it, too.’”

“Taking Prevagen, I have been feeling sharper, it makes me feel like I can reach and respond quicker. And it makes me feel like I’m more on top of it. I’d recommend it for others. Try it out! It works for me.”