Phillip is living comfortably on the west side of Houston with an illustrious career as a voice-over artist now mostly behind him, but he’s still has the pipes and story-telling flair that powered his success across a solid six decades on the radio and other media all over this land.

His family and closest friends usually call him Phil, but that is not the handle he goes by in the broadcast business. Out in that world, he is known as “Eric Chase” and chances are you’ve heard that versatile voice of his in countless voice-overs and narrations for major retailers, satellite networks, theme parks, casinos, government agencies, and all manner of videos and media outlets.

Thirty years ago, Phil formed his own creative services business in Houston and began doing voice-over work for paying clients, but before all that he was out there fine-tuning his talent and learning the ropes of the competitive and sometimes cutthroat radio business.

His days on the radio eventually brought him to Dallas in the ‘70s, and it was there that the station’s program director told Phil he needed a more distinctive name. They settled on the “Eric Chase” handle and he’s been Eric ever since to just about everyone but his family and closest friends.

He settled in Houston in 1977 and worked at several stations until 1991 when he decided to go off on his own and start doing freelance work as a voice-over artist. That proved to be a smart move and led to the formation of his company and sound studio in Houston, and the long list of clients that love the way he tells their story.

Phil’s own story is full of anecdotes and lessons learned, including how his chiropractor father imbued him with an appreciation for a holistic and natural approach to good health. To this day, Phil follows a regimen of food supplements, plays tennis at least three times a week, and watches what he eats.

It turns out it wasn’t exactly holistic health care that caused him to give Prevagen a try. It was a woman. “I was engaged at the time to a really great woman,” as this lifelong bachelor tells the story. “I was like, I’m gonna have to be sharp to keep up with this woman because she was like 20 years younger than me. And it was around this time I was feeling like I was losing a little bit of my ability to remember things and keep things straight in my head and my company was really booming, so I had a lot of stress, and I realized I just felt like I just wasn’t quite as there as I used to be.”

So when he saw a Prevagen commercial he decided to give it a try, and before long he was able to remember things and think clearly as he managed his business and personal life. That was 10 years ago and he’s still going strong, still running his business.

“I’m pretty excited about the fact that I can still handle a lot of a lot of information when I’m producing in the studio. So, in my opinion, I just think that it’s a great product, for anybody over 50 probably, but for sure as you get into your 60s and 70s. This product is a game changer,” concludes the man who answers to two names without missing a beat.