Stop These Common Concentration Killers
Stop These Common Concentration Killers

Stop These Common Concentration Killers

If you ever had one of those days when you feel distracted, you are in good company.

With so many things competing for attention, maintaining concentration is challenging. Try these focus boosters to beat common distractions.


Three Tips to Defeat Common Concentration Busters

1. Be aware of Screen Time and Phone Use
Today’s smartphones are a marvel. Just think, every day we carry a tiny computer in our pocket that is more powerful than the computers that brought astronauts to the moon during the Apollo mission! Use your smartphone as a tool to make your life better. It is great to have for amusement when sitting in a doctor's waiting room. It makes it so easy to keep up with friends and family. Just try to limit use when you have an important job to do. Try using focus apps that help you avoid social media, shopping, internet browsing, and other distractions while you concentrate. Pomodoro timers can also help when focusing on chores. These apps remind you to focus for 20 minutes then they reward you with a five-minute break. Those breaks are the perfect time to scroll through your Facebook feed or watch that cute cat video.

2. Multitasking Can Be Distracting
If you excel at multitasking, then that can be a source of distraction. While multitasking works for some tasks, others require focus. The Pomodoro timer technique can help with jobs that require focus, but sometimes 20 minutes just isn’t long enough. Play with the focus and rest intervals to find a prompt that works for you. Give yourself permission to do one thing at a time. Too often people feel compelled to do everything at once. Doing one thing well before moving on to another can be more effective, especially for tasks requiring concentration.

3. Try Meditation
Many find they crave constant stimulation. Who doesn’t enjoy being entertained? Our phones provide a world of entertainment with just a touch of the screen. Many find that learning basic meditation techniques helps them enjoy quiet moments and avoid boredom. There are many popular apps that coach breathing, focus or meditation exercises.

We hope to help people live vibrantly as they age! Apart from concentration, other aspects of brain function are important, too. Prevagen is a dietary supplement that has been clinically shown to safely and effectively improve memory.*1