Make Spring Cleaning Fun with These 5 Tips
Make Spring Cleaning Fun with These 5 Tips

Make Spring Cleaning Fun with These 5 Tips

It’s spring! That means warmer days, plenty of spring flowers, sunny skies…and spring cleaning. Before you groan at the thought, spring cleaning doesn’t have to be tedious and unpleasant. In fact, with these help tips you can make spring cleaning fun.

Tip #1 – Crank Up the Tunes

A great playlist of upbeat tunes can take your least favorite tasks and make them tolerable. Take a bit of time to create a playlist that you’ll love –— and go for mostly upbeat songs — so you’ll be listening to all tunes you appreciate while cleaning. Turn it up loud , dance, and go nuts.

Tip #2 – Have a Plan of Attack

You won’t be very effective if you don’t have a plan, so make it more fun by creating your plan of attack. Pick your least favorite task and do it first. It’ll be done and you won’t dread the rest of the cleaning near as much.

Tip #3 – Turn Clutter into Cash

It’s funny how the idea of making some money can transform your feelings about spring cleaning. As you work to eliminate clutter, take the clutter that can be sold and sell it for some extra cash. Turn it into a vacation fund that’ll keep you motivated.

Tip #4 – Get Your Family Involved

With everyone involved, spring cleaning goes a lot faster. If it’ll make it more fun, create a spinner with tasks on it. Let everyone spin to see what task they get to help with, or let family members choose the job they’d like to oversee to get them on board.

Tip #5 – Plan Fun Rewards

If you’re going to wash, scrub, dust and declutter, plan some fun rewards for when you’re all done. It’ll keep you motivated. Whether that’s dinner out or a movie night, a reward will keep you going and help everyone pull together to complete all the tasks.

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