Common Cooking Mistakes Making Your Healthy Foods Unhealthy
Common Cooking Mistakes Making Your Healthy Foods Unhealthy

Common Cooking Mistakes Making Your Healthy Foods Unhealthy

Cooking at home is a great way skip unhealthy takeout and fast food. That's a great step towards a healthier body. However, it's easy to make common cooking mistakes that take your healthy foods and transform them into unhealthy fare.

Here's a look at some of the common cooking mistakes you might be making. Eliminate these mistakes and you'll be on track for healthier meals.

Mistake #1 - Seasoning with Salt
While you might not want bland food, extra salt isn't the answer. A pinch of salt is great, but don't make the mistake of reaching for the salt shaker instead of healthy spices and herbs. Herbs and spices pack in tons of flavor without increasing the sodium in your food.

Mistake #2 - Overcooking Your Veggies
If you're cooking your veggies until they're soggy, you could be missing out on nutrients. Lightly stir-frying veggies is one of the best ways to preserve those nutrients. Veggies that are just a little crisp are perfect.

Mistake #3 - Adding Too Much Sugar
While a hint of sweetness can be a great pick-me-up to even savory dishes, don't get carried away with sugar. Most Americans are already eating too much sugar, so if you need a bit of sweetness, go easy. A little goes a long way.

Mistake #4 - Peeling All the Veggie and Fruits
Some veggie and fruit peels actually have tons of nutrients in them. Apple, cucumber, potato, and carrot peels all have a lot of vitamins and minerals in them. They also contain fiber, which is excellent for your digestive system.

Stop making these common cooking mistakes and you'll be able to serve up healthier meals at home. And while you're taking measures to boost your health, don't forget your Prevagen supplement. It boosts memory and brain health — the perfect complement to a healthy diet!