5 Easy Ways to Add Exercise to Your Day
5 Easy Ways to Add Exercise to Your Day

5 Easy Ways to Add Exercise to Your Day

One of the biggest excuses people use for not exercising is that they’re too busy. Sound familiar? Life is busy, and sometimes it’s tough to fit a trip to the gym into an already packed day. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to add exercise to your day without heading to the gym or donning gym clothes. Here are a few to get you moving more.

1 – Stretch it Out
Every morning, start your day with some gentle stretching. Throw in a few pushups, crunches, and perhaps even a bit of yoga and you’ve already got your body moving for the day. Easy!

2 – Hit the Stairs
Save some time and add some activity by hitting the stairs instead of waiting for the elevator. It’s a quick cardio boost, great for your legs, and you’ll get where you’re going even faster. If running up the stairs is easy, try two at a time.

3 – Play with the Kids
Whether you have small children or you have grandchildren, playing with the kids brings joy and gets you moving. Head outdoors – away from the electronics – and enjoy spending time together while you all move your bodies.

4 – Dance Your Way Through Household Chores
Combine household chores and exercise. You’ll make dusting, vacuuming, and scrubbing more fun if you crank up the tunes and dance.

5 – Walk the Dog
Your pooch needs exercise and so do you. Make sure you both get out for a walk daily. Spending time with your pet is great for your mental wellness, and moving together will give you a nice boost of feel-good endorphins, too.

Finding simple ways to exercise each day can boost your overall health and your brain health. And before you take a few minutes to head out for that walk, be sure to pop your Prevagen supplement, too, to support your brain health and boost memory.