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Change Your Daily Routine

Your Daily Routine to Boost Memory

There’s nothing worse than seeing a familiar face at the store or a party and suddenly realizing you can’t remember their name. We commonly write it off to growing older, but memory decline doesn’t have to be a part of aging. Just making a few changes in your daily routine can improve your memory so your brain health stays in better shape as you age. Try making these tweaks to your daily routine.

Add More Cardio
Cardiovascular exercise makes you sweat and gets your heart pumping, and that’s not just great for physical health. Studies show it can boost the size of your hippocampus, the part of your brain that’s involved in learning and verbal memory. It doesn’t matter what type of cardio you’re doing – just make sure you get your heart pumping.

Nurture Relationships
Nurturing relationships, particularly romantic ones, may boost brain health. Scientists discovered that when people live with partners at midlife, they’re 50% less likely to end up with cognitive impairment later in their life.

Prime Your Mind with Meditation
Even if you only have time for 3-5 minutes of meditation, taking a couple of minutes for a mini meditation session can prime your mind to focus. This improves the chance that your memory will recall important little details. Try just a few minutes with your eyes closed concentrating on inhaling and exhaling. Keep your mind focused on your breath. Do this daily to improve your memory.

Swap Your Snacks
High-sugar snacks can alter your brain’s ability to remember information. However, a low sugar diet boosts memory. Swap out those sugary snacks for dark chocolate or fruit for better brain health.

Avoid Late-Night Munchies
If you eat late at night, it negatively affects the hippocampus, which can be a problem for your memory. While an occasional midnight snack won’t hurt, if late-night eating turns into a habit, then it can affect the structure of your brain. Make sure you’re eating dinner at least three hours before bedtime and skip the snacks if you’re up in the night.

Try a Memory-Boosting Supplement
Just taking a minute each day to take a memory-boosting supplement like Prevagen can also have big brain health results. Proven to improve memory and recommended by pharmacists, it’s an easy tweak to your routine that can pay off big.