7 Ways to Improve Your Memory
7 Ways to Improve Your Memory

7 Ways to Improve Your Memory

While everyone occasionally has a bout of forgetfulness, memory loss affects many people as they age. Genetics and certain health conditions play a role in how your brain ages, but lifestyle and diet impact your memory, too. Here’s a look at several easy things you can do to improve your memory.

1 – Get Social
While being social in person is tough these days, social interaction is still essential for warding off stress, which may contribute to memory loss. Find ways to connect with friends and loved ones, even if it’s not in person. A phone call or even a video chat can be a wonderful way to spend time with others.

2 – Move More
Physical activity boosts blood flow to the brain and the rest of your body. Not only does the movement itself offer memory benefits, but controlling your weight with exercise can help, too. Obesity is linked to memory loss, so staying more active can offer multiple brain benefits.

3 – Skip Sugar
Consuming too much sugar is linked to cognitive decline. Researchers have discovered that a diet high in sugar can result in reduced brain volume and poor memory. Cut back on added sugars. It’ll improve your memory and your overall health.

4 – Healthy Hydration
Since your brain is around 73% water, even slight dehydration can affect your memory and additional cognitive skills. It’s easy to become dehydrated. Just working out can result in losing as much as 10% of the body’s water. Most Americans don’t drink enough water, so make sure you’re hydrating for better brain health.

5 – Prioritize Sleep
Lack of sleep has long been associated with a poor memory. Memory consolidation – a process that involves strengthening short-term memories and turning them into long-term memories – occurs while you sleep. Adults should aim for 7-9 hours of sleep each night.

6 – Brain Exercise
Mental activity is just as important as physical activity if you want to improve your memory. Mentally stimulating activities help you keep your brain in good shape and can stave off memory loss. Learning a new skill like how to play a musical instrument or engaging in puzzles or other brain games can help.

7 – Try Prevagen
If you want to improve your memory, it can be as simple as taking a supplement each day. Prevagen is a clinically proven dietary supplement that works to help mild, age-related memory loss. * Formulated with safe, effective ingredients, it comes pharmacist-recommended and offers an easy way to give your memory a boost.