5 Fun Activities to Beat the Cold
5 Fun Activities to Beat the Cold

5 Fun Activities to Beat the Cold

If you’re stuck in the cold of winter, it’s easy to get cabin fever feeling like you’re stuck indoors all the time. Of course, despite colder temperatures — and perhaps some snow outside — there are plenty of ways to have some fun despite the cold. From fun indoor activities to great outside fun, here are some fun activities you can try to beat the cold while you wait for Spring.


1 – Pull Out the Ice Skates

Whether you have a local pond or lake to skate on or you want to head to a local ice rink, ice skating is a perfect winter activity. Get some friends or family members together and go burn off some excess energy while having a blast.

2 – Bundle Up and Build a Snowman

If you’ve got some freshly fallen snow, it’s a great time to bundle up and go outdoors to build a snowman. It’ll get your blood pumping, and you’ll have a great time creating your own version of Frosty.

3 – Take a Sleigh Ride

Winter sleigh rides let you enjoy the beauty of being outdoors, but you can bundle up in some blankets and enjoy some hot cocoa along the way. No sleigh ride options near you? Snow tubing or sledding can be just as fun…minus the blankets.

4 – Cook in the Warm Kitchen

Have you been grabbing takeout just a bit too often? Try spending some time cooking with a loved one or friend. It’s fun to find great recipes and warm up in your cozy kitchen. Don’t forget to enjoy a cup of warm tea, hot cocoa or coffee while you’re working on the food.

5 – Fireside Movie Night

Take movie night to the next level by lighting a fire in the fireplace if you have one. Along with a crackling fire, bring out plenty of pillows and blankets, so you’re all cozy. Add some warm snacks and you have the perfect evening.

Don’t let the cold make you feel blue. Try one of these exciting activities to beat the winter blues and have some fun. And don’t forget about your Prevagen supplement, too. It’ll boost memory and brain health, so you’re ready to take on any activity.