5 Backyard Activities to Enjoy with the Whole Family
5 Backyard Activities to Enjoy with the Whole Family

5 Backyard Activities to Enjoy with the Whole Family

Getting outdoors and getting exercise both offer benefits to your overall health and your brain health. The great news — you can put them together and make getting active outdoors a great way to enjoy time with your family. Getting some fresh air and exercise is as close as your backyard, and we’ve put together a few backyard activities you’ll want to enjoy with the whole family.

Backyard Limbo

Curious if all that yoga is really working? Grab a branch from a tree or pull out a broom and set up a game of limbo. See how low everyone can go. Don’t forget plenty of peppy music, too. Make sure you’re dancing when you’re not bending backwards to keep your heart rate up.

Tug of War

All you need is a rope and you’re in business. Tug of war lets multiple people join in the fun at once, and this is perfect if you’re having a larger family gathering. Start with even teams for the most fun, and see who can win the “war.”

Hide and Seek

No matter how large your backyard is or how old the kids in your life are, hide and seek is always tons of fun. It’s a great way to get everyone running around. Make sure you play several rounds so everyone gets their chance to play the seeker.

Ready to Race

The backyard makes a perfect spot for plenty of fun races. Three-legged races, crab-walk race, and backwards walking races are just a few options. They’ll keep everyone moving and introduce some competition to up the ante.

Freeze Dancing

A hit with younger kids, freeze dancing is fun for older kids and adults, too. Crank up your family’s favorite tunes and have everyone dance to the music. Of course, once the music stops, everyone has to freeze in place. You’ll be laughing at the hilarious poses people end up in.

A mix of outdoor air, activity and some laughter with family give you an exciting way to do your body and brain some good. And give your brain and extra boost with your daily dose of Prevagen for help with mild memory loss associated with aging and overall brain function.1