4 Ways to Stay Calm This Holiday
4 Ways to Stay Calm This Holiday

4 Ways to Stay Calm This Holiday

Thanksgiving is over, and now it’s full speed ahead into the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Sometimes, along with the love and joy, it’s easy to feel a lot of panic and stress. It’s time to transform the way you get through the holidays, reducing the chaos and finding your calm. Here are a few ways to stay calmer through the holiday season this year.

1 – Prioritize Your Sleep

When you don’t get enough sleep, it leaves you feeling groggy and grumpy…more like a Grinch than merry. Sure, you want to get everything done and enjoy all the fun, but the best thing you can do for your calm and your body is to get enough sleep each night.

2 – Practice Gratitude

It’s true; gratitude changes the way you view every part of your life. Practice being grateful for a few minutes each day. You’ll change your entire mindset. You’ll see opportunities instead of responsibilities as you handle holiday tasks.

3 – Slow Down

The holidays are the perfect time for overscheduling yourself. Sure, you want to head to every party and event, but that might not work for you realistically. Avoid taking on more than you can really handle to ensure you feel more present in the activities you choose. Even though it’s the holidays, you can say no. Remember, you don’t have the energy, time, and capacity to do everything.

4 – Take Time for Relaxation

Relaxation exercises, such as meditation or deep breathing, can calm you down if you’re feeling overwhelmed. Simply being able to release the tension and remove yourself from the chaos and pressure helps. Give yourself some time each day for relaxation to restore your calm.

Along with these helpful ways to stay calm during the holiday, don’t forget to take your Prevagen supplement, too. Knowing you’re doing something great for your brain while boosting your memory is one more way to ease your mind during the holidays.