4 Bedtime Habits You Need to Stop
Bedtime Habits

4 Bedtime Habits You Need to Stop

A great night of rest sets the tone for your entire day. Sleeping poorly even for one night can leave you feeling tired and sluggish. Long-term, failing to get quality sleep can result in serious consequences, too.

Although you know a great night of shut-eye is important to your overall health, you may not realize you’re engaging in some bad bedtime habits. Here’s a look at four bedtime habits you need to stop for better nights of rest.

Habit #1 – Eating Too Late
When you eat too close to bedtime, it gets stomach acids going. Once you lay down, those acids may end up coming up into your throat. If you need an evening snack, try cheese and crackers or a glass of milk. These snacks are rich in calcium and tryptophan, which can help you sleep.

Habit #2 – Watching TV Before Bed
Watching television too close to bedtime, or using computers, tablets, and smartphones right before you snooze, can keep you from sleeping in the evening. Not only can you get so caught up in your favorite show that you get robbed of sleep, but TVs and other devices emit blue light that can trick your body into staying awake. Try shutting off all your devices 30 minutes before you plan to sleep.

Habit #3 – Caffeine Too Late in the Day
Caffeine is a stimulant, and while a cup of coffee may get you going in the morning, if you have it too close to bedtime, you may have a tough time going to sleep or staying asleep. Avoid caffeine within six hours of your bedtime. And remember, not only do coffee, tea, and sodas have the chemical, but some foods like chocolate also contain it.

Habit #4 – Thinking You’ll Make Up Sleep on the Weekend
The truth is, no one ever makes up sleep. And sleeping in on the weekends sets you up to have more difficulty falling asleep Sunday night. Then you end up sleep-deprived for Monday, and your sleep deficit continues to build all week. It’s better to keep your sleep schedule consistent so that your body maintains its natural sleep-wake cycle.

Plenty of sleep is important not just for physical health but for a healthy brain, too. Kick these habits for a better night of sleep, and give your brain and memory a boost by taking a daily Prevagen memory supplement.