Ways to Get 10,000 Steps at Home
Get your steps in

Fun Ways to Get 10,000 Steps Without Leaving Your House

With our lives changing on the daily recently, most of us are stuck indoors. That makes getting those 10,000 steps a little challenging. Beyond weight loss, getting your steps in daily can strengthen your heart, help you store less fat, improve brain performance, and stabilize your blood sugar. While you’re at home, it’s still essential to focus on staying healthy. To help you out, we’ve put together some fun ways that you can still keep getting those 10,000 steps without leaving your house.

Dance While You Clean
Many people are taking their time indoors to catch up on cleaning, and you can add more steps to vacuuming, mopping, dusting, or simply tidying up by dancing while you do it. Pick dance moves that have a lot of steps and watch your step-counter soar through the day.

Play Hide and Seek Around the House
Get the kids involved – or anyone else who lives with you – and play a game of hide and seek. You’ll all be running around the house and finding new places to hide. You’ll be surprised to see your steps after all the fun.

Make the Most of Commercials
Stop fast-forwarding through those commercials and take advantage of them. When commercials come on, get up and do some marching in place or pick up things around your home until the show comes back on. Those steps will add up if you’re binge-watching your favorites these days.

Walk While You Listen
Are you listening to podcasts more often these days? If so, put in your headphones and walk around your house as you listen. You’ll be entertained so you won’t notice all those steps you’re racking up.

Create a Walking Loop
Come up with your own ‘walking loop’ in your home. See how often you can walk around that loop throughout the day. Challenge your family to see who walks around it the most times. It’ll be a huge boost to your step count.

Even if you’re safely tucked away from home, you can still get those steps in. Try one of these ideas or come up with your own and share them with us. Together, we’ll get through this.