4 Reasons Why You Should Start Journaling
Start Journaling

4 Reasons Why You Should Start Journaling

From Leonardo Da Vinci to Abraham Lincoln, many of the greats through the years have all kept journals. While starting this new habit takes some effort and dedication, once you get going there are many great benefits. Why should you give journaling a try? Here are just a few reasons.

Reason #1 – Keep Track of Your Memories
Every time you write about your day in your journal, you're capturing the most important moments of your day and turning them into beautiful memories. And you'll be able to go back and read about those memories in the future.

Reason #2 – Relieve Stress
Journaling helps relieve stress. Writing about what's going on in your life allows you to put thoughts on paper. You can write about your fears or worries, which helps put your mind at ease. You get these thoughts and feelings on paper instead of letting them stay in your mind, resulting in stress.

Reason #3 – Helps You Achieve Your Goals
Writing in a journal always can be a useful tool for helping you to achieve your goals. Spend time writing about what they are and what you do to achieve them. Science shows that writing about your goals makes you more likely to achieve them. After you have your goals on paper, then you're able to come up with a game plan to ultimately accomplish those goals. And then, it's always a great occasion to be able to write about how you finally accomplished the goal you've been writing about for some time.

Reason #4 – Clears Mental Clutter and Improves Focus
Journal writing is also great for clearing away your mental clutter. When you have problems or worries, write about them. This allows you to transfer the issue from your brain to paper, emptying your mind and allowing more of your mind to focus on problem-solving. Things often become easier to understand and clearer when you write things down in a journal, and you're better able to reason and focus, which offers work and personal benefits.

Start enjoying the benefits of journaling in your life. Schedule a time in your day where you take a few minutes and write down your thoughts. Make it a daily practice. Your brain will thank you.