“The improvement to my memory was mind blowing!”

Yolonda, 57

Yolonda is one of those people whose main job in their life is to take care of others. It’s a gift for which everyone whose life Yolonda touches should probably say a prayer of thanks. She’d be sure to like that, since this Fifty Something lady from Houston is a deeply spiritual soul who counts herself a devout member of one of the the largest congregations of any church in America.

Which is to say, when it comes to practicing her religion, Yolonda’s chosen church is in a league of its own.

Her full time job these past 15 years has been to teach at a child care center. She loves her work. “I enjoy teaching and taking care of the kiddos,” she says. “It’s so rewarding and enriching to work there.”

But youngsters aren’t the only ones getting Yolonda’s attention. She also takes care of other members of her family, including older relatives who can’t take care of themselves. She travels out to California at least once a year to visit with other members of her large extended family.

This single caregiver also finds time to take care of herself. She watches what she eats, works out at a local fitness center, takes walks in her suburban neighborhood, and gets in a swim and bike ride whenever she can.

Yolonda credits her faith as the number one thing in her life. “Being grounded spiritually is the key to everything in life, and family is important too, of course.” She adds , “I believe in being kind to everyone in our life. We should be open to differences in people and not be judgemental.”

In addition to her lifestyle of caring for others and her spirituality, Yolanda decided when she first saw televised reports on Prevagen that “I should give my brain some help too, in addition to my body and my soul.” That was about 12 years ago and she’s been using Prevagen ever since.

“The improvement to my memory was mind blowing!” she reports.

For a person who has always taken such good care of her soul and her body, to know that her brain is also on a healthy path is a good reason to rejoice and say a little prayer of gratitude.