“I started really noticing some big differences in my thought process and clarity.”

Tom, 72
Retired Sales Executive

Tom loves to stay busy. He’s been that way his whole life, and these days he’s as busy as ever living the good life with his wife, Kathleen, in the house they built on a beautiful lake in northern Wisconsin. And he’s not exactly sitting around twiddling his thumbs. No sir, not this true outdoorsman from Wisconsin.

As the long Midwestern winter dragged to a close, Tom had just returned from a productive road trip out to North Dakota to auger holes in the thick ice of Devil’s Lake and pull out a whole lot of tasty walleyes to take home, fry up and enjoy. Back home again in Wisconsin, Tom was already planning to round up some help in the heavy lifting and tricky task of installing his multi-section pier and the big boat lift once the ice finally melts on the lake. He was also looking forward to getting his new fishing boat, the big pontoon, the kayaks, the wakeboards, the jet skis, the paddleboats and assorted other toys all in the water and ready for visits by Tom and Kathy’s blended family of eight kids and 14 grandkids.

I retired 10 years ago and she retired six years ago,” says this 72-year-old former sales executive. “We’ve been here on the lake ever since. In the summer we’ve sometimes had the whole family and assorted friends up here all at one time. Until the pandemic forced us to cancel this past year, we’ve always had big family reunions over holidays like Christmas and New Years.”

“I was born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin,” he says, “and I grew up doing a lot of different things, going to technical school and then on to a lot of different jobs in my life.”

After starting out working for a big resort up in Wisconsin, he was offered a sales job marketing semi-trailers for a manufacturing company based in the Badger State. That led to other opportunities in sales covering territory over a whole lot of Wisconsin, and along the way winning recognition and awards for his work, before finally stepping down in his early Sixties. He and Kathleen bought a lot overlooking the lake, built their dream house on it, and have been living the life they love ever since.

Growing up in a family with strong religious beliefs, Tom has always placed a lot of importance on being honest and just trying his best. “I believe if you want to be successful in this life you need to show up and do the best you can,” he says. “I’ve always done that and I have a moral compass that guides me through my life. I try my best and I fail a lot. But I don’t quit. I keep trying.”

About a year ago, Tom says, he started noticing some slipping in his ability to remember things and think clearly. So after a friend suggested he try Prevagen he did. “After maybe a month or six weeks, I started really noticing some big differences in my thought process and my clarity, and it gets better all the time,” he reports.

These days, Tom’s to-do list is full of a lot of things, like where all those sections in his pier go or if he left his tackle box out in the boat. So that daily dose of Prevagen is keeping this busy guy focused on the really important things in his life.