Spencer Shares His Story

“Prevagen works for me.”

Spencer, 41
Military and Civilian Healthcare Leadership

At just 41-years old, Spencer has packed a whole lot of experiences in his life, most notably the 16 years he spent in the military serving his country around the world and helping save the lives of his fellow servicemen and women. No longer on active duty, today he remains in healthcare leadership as a civilian employee of the government.

“I’ve worked in the military and healthcare leadership for about 20 years,” Spencer recounts. “I retired from the military about two years ago and now I’m working in a healthcare position as the chief information officer of a health care facility at a military base here in Utah.”

He continues, “About five years ago I was stationed overseas, working for the military doing things like evacuating wounded servicemen and women from Afghanistan and different conflicts around the world, and conducting logistics operations around Europe and Africa, and the Middle East.”

“It was after that that I was transferred back stateside to the DC area, in a staff position. That was a kind of a different role than I was used to,” he continues. “I was in a cubicle in headquarters offices, managing large projects with multimillion dollar contracts.”

Spencer explains that he had injured his shoulder while he was in the service. “It prevented me from doing a lot of things in the military. So that was the impetus for getting out of the military, and then interestingly enough, they hired me back on. I worked for a couple of federal government agencies and then I got a call from an old friend who is a colonel now, and he had a CIO position open up at the military base here in Utah. It’s a civilian position but it’s essentially working very closely with the active duty population in healthcare. So that’s the roundabout way I ended here.”

He’s happy to have landed out in Utah with its awe-inspiring natural beauty all around. “It’s beautiful. There’s I think five national parks here I love to get out hike. I love to be in nature. And this is a good place for that,” he says. “I go to the gym every day after work. I do a lot of cardio and weight training. I also really focus heavily on nutrition. I monitor my calories and water intake. Keep an eye on my weight and avoid sugary drinks. I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t smoke, just really focus on trying to stay as healthy as I can for my family.

I have stay in top shape mentally and physically to ensure that I can continue to enjoy these activities and perform my best at work.”

Staying in top shape mentally began to be an issue for Spencer while he was still on active duty in Afghanistan and he was sensing some slippage in his cognitive abilities as can happen with age.

“I get a lot of briefs and a lot of emails and a lot of different kinds of communication, and then after receiving all that information, turning around and explaining it to somebody else was becoming more and more of an issue. I thought I could really use some help to be sure I stay as sharp as possible.

“I tried Prevagen, and I did notice that it helped.”

“After a year of using Prevagen that’s when I finally said to myself okay let’s look up what this is, and that’s when I started researching into the product and how the ingredient originally found in jellyfish is the thing that makes Prevagen unique. I started learning a little bit more about what different people were saying about it, both sides. At that point I said to myself, well it works for me. It really does so. So that’s where I’m at.”

For a guy who’s been a lot of places and had to deal with a lot of challenges in pressure-cooker environments, knowing where’s he’s at and how he got there is a pretty good thing.