“I tried Prevagen, and it did help.”

Patricia, 39
Radiologic Technician

As she walks across the causeway bridge over the glistening waters of the Indian River flowing along the shores of Palm Bay on the Atlantic coast of Florida, Patricia can look landward at the city, if she chooses, or she can turn her gaze outward at the seemingly endless expanse of the ocean.

Either way, Patricia likes what she sees and she loves the life she’s chosen for herself working as a radiologic technician in a Melbourne medical practice. “I’m content and happy with the way that I can help others and to feel good about themselves,” she says, “as well as I feel good about myself and just feeling at peace.”

This 39-year-old is living her life on her terms as a licensed medical technician who once thought she wanted to be a veterinarian. “That didn’t pan out because I didn’t like the way that some people neglected their animals but I knew the one thing I did like doing was the X rays and that’s when I knew I needed to go into radiology,” she says.

Patricia clearly chooses to go her own way. “I absolutely get enjoyment from my friends and family,” she says. “I love this area and I have a lot of friends that I like to hang out with. I love going to the beach and taking walks across the causeway over the Indian River is one of my big things. And I definitely love to get over to like Orlando and go shopping and just enjoy getting around and experiencing new things, just enjoying life.”

She is crystal clear on what she sees as the secret of living a good and fulfilling life. “Definitely be honest, no lying,” she recommends. “Stay on course with what your aspirations are and what you want to do for a fulfilling career. Look out for the people around you and keep people close to you. Don’t burn bridges and always strive to be better.”

Patricia has been using Prevagen for several years. “Over the years, I’ve felt like my memory isn’t quite as sharp as it used to be and just lacking clarity, and so I’ve tried lots of stuff and nothing really helped. But then I tried Prevagen, and it did help.”

For someone working in the demanding arena of medical care while balancing her personal life with many friends in the salubrious environment of the Sunshine State, Patricia is clearly on a healthy and satisfying pathway, whether it’s on that causeway over the Indian River or the much longer bridge into the rest of her life.