“My memory is better with Prevagen.”

Michael, 67
Customer Service Expert

Michael has built his life and his career around the principal that in order to help people you have to listen to them first. He does that every working day in his career in the health foods industry, but he also does that at home and in a quaint town in the beautiful countryside of southern Pennsylvania.

“I like to listen,” he says. “I need to hear what’s being said so I can help people with their real issues, not just the symptoms. If I don’t listen I can’t make that judgment call.”

Now 67, Michael has built a long career in the natural products industry, and serves today as a buyer and supplement specialist in Lancaster, which is the hub of Pennsylvania Dutch country.

“Natural vitamin and supplement sales have been a large part of my career,” he says. “I was a sales manager for two vitamin companies, eventually working at my current position here in Lancaster. We are a store serving well-informed consumers who are shopping for brands and products to facilitate their own wellness programs. I love what I do, especially when people come in and tell me how much they appreciate our products and the results they get.

Someone else who appreciates Michael’s suggestions for a healthy brain is his wife. “About five years ago, Philomena, while working in technology sales and support, decided she wanted to complete the bachelor degree program she started over 20 years prior. She signed up for a two-year program at an online university. At that time we were also getting older and didn’t feel quite as sharp. I suggested we try Prevagen and we continued to take it throughout her curriculum. She received her degree using her strong memory and organizational skills.”

Michael has been using Prevagen for several years, too. “I keep track of what the differences are with Prevagen and other supplements. I’ve done that with just about every other memory supplement and I’ve noticed that my memory is better with Prevagen and I complete projects without getting distracted.”

Michael and Philomena enjoy a healthy life infused with their strong faith, including a balance of activities that includes doing service activities such as volunteering, taking long motorcycle rides and spending quality time with family and friends.

“We live in a renovated barn in a beautiful part of the country,” he says. “Several times a year we take trips with our friends. My favorite is a motorcycle ride is up to the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania.”

That may be the one time in his life when Michael stops listening and just enjoys the view.