Loren Shares His Story

“About two months into Prevagen, I started noticing changes in my memory.”

Loren, 64

Loren is one of those people who go through life with an open mind, interested in others and the world around him.

“I don’t think I’ll be one of those people that will ever stop working,” says this 64-year-old account management executive and entrepreneur from Farmington Hills, Michigan, a pretty and thriving community just a short hop north of the Motor City.

As long as I can get a job, even if it’s just something that will allow me to offer a hand to help people, that’s my goal. I want to help people. I’m one of those people who are open to new things,” he says.

Loren has had a long and successful career in some interesting sectors of the economy, from inventive new approaches in car sales to both credit services and debt collection management, including a stint at the helm of a credit association he founded and ran for 10 years.

Loren’s entrepreneurial spirit is rooted in his determination to survive the ups and downs of life. “My dad taught me about survival,” Loren explains with a sense of pride clearly reflected in his voice. “He was a blue-collar worker, and he went through some tough times. He was in the auto industry. And, you know, the man did well for himself at the end. It just makes me proud of being his son, as well as the fact that I turned out to be almost like him.”

The other person in Loren’s life that he says has had a huge impact on him is his wife. “I love being with my wife,” he says. “You know, whenever we’re together, we’re truly together. I really think the big thing of our life going forward is going to be traveling. We want to visit places that we haven’t seen. We’ve done Europe a few times, and we’ve done other countries. We want to start visiting the United States. We just want to take our time and enjoy what we have around us.

About a year ago, Loren began to notice minor problems with his memory. He reports, “I began experiencing that I was having trouble remembering things. I knew I needed to do something.

He adds, “I started doing some research and reading about Prevagen and so I started taking it. About two months into it, I started noticing changes in my memory and it was starting to help me feel better about myself.

For a man who has worked hard his whole life and has remained open to whatever new opportunities may rise up on his path through life, where he’s been is every bit important as focusing on his way forward.