Linda Shares Her Story

“I’ve found Prevagen to be very, very helpful.”

Linda, 73

Linda is living her life these days pretty much as she always has, staying in touch with the world around her, taking care of her comfortable home in a suburb north of Cincinnati, and doing nice things for others.

Now 73, Linda retired about three years ago from her work for a large retail store not far from her home in Liberty Township. Before that, she put in a couple of decades working in the payroll department of another area company.

“I was in payroll for probably 20 years,” she says. “And then I decided I had enough. So I went to be a cashier for a big retail operation, because I love working with people. I was there for 14 years and then I retired the day after I turned seventy.”

Linda spends a fair amount of her time remodeling and updating her home, and, she adds, “I love to read anything I can get my hands on.”

She also finds time to exercise at the local community center, she watches what she eats and takes plenty of vitamins but confesses that she has a weakness for sugar. “I guess I’m what you could all a sugarholic,” she says with a laugh.

“I tend to be very kind-hearted,” Linda adds. “I like doing anything I can for anybody that needs help. I actually belong to a group that makes tie blankets, which are the blankets that are tied the whole way around. We make those for homeless kids. I’ve probably made one hundred of them.”

Linda says, “As I got older, I didn’t feel my memory was a sharp. So I talked to my doctor about it, and he said Prevagen is an excellent way to help me support my memory as I age. I have been taking Prevagen for more than six months, and I feel very positive.”

She adds, “I’ve noticed that it keeps me on an even keel, and it gives me the opportunity to really think out what I’m going to be doing. I have found it very, very helpful.”

Linda sums up her approach to living a full and fulfilling life with the words of wisdom she’s learned and earned along the way. “A big problem with a lot of seniors when they retire is they just kind of give up,” she says. “Well, I’m not in that category. I’m gonna stay as busy as I can.