“Friends and family say, ‘Your memory is incredible!'”

Les, 79
Retired Business Executive

From wherever he finds himself these days, the view of this retired business executive is pretty good. Very good, actually, and he’s earned every bit of it.

Whether Les is sitting on the deck of his beloved cabin on the shores of Big Lake deep in the woods of northern Maine, or taking one of his long walks in the woodland around his home in upper New Jersey, Les can look back on a successful career in a leadership role of the real estate development activities of one of America’s preeminent and most famous families.


Now 79 years old, Les remains an avid outdoorsman who is still comfortable in a canoe casting for smallmouth bass in the clear waters of Big Lake, photographing the local wildlife, or tromping the woods with a shotgun, bird dog and a lifelong friend in search of ruffed grouse.

He is easy to talk with, clearly a man who knows himself as he tells the story of building a life for his family guided by a set of life lessons that are rooted in a boyhood as the son of an Irish immigrant mother and a father of strong moral fiber. “My younger sister and I were blessed to be raised in a family that was guided by our religion and taught the importance of hard work and honesty in all things,” he says. “I was a scout, an altar boy, the whole nine yards, and I took those boyhood values into my adult life in the business world.”

“You know, one of the things I learned is that always telling the truth is important, which is a real advantage in the high-stakes investment business where taking risks and making decisions are what you are called on to do. One of the things I’ve learned is that the advantage in always telling the truth is you can usually sense when the other person isn’t,” he says, pausing to let that bit of truth sink in like an old lure cast to an unsuspecting bass.

Les is full of old truths and good stories, like the one he tells about finding this cabin in the Maine woods. Turns out the place came on the market when its original owner decided to go live somewhere a lot warmer. That owner was a former celebrity known to anyone who remembers the early days of TV. Turns out the celebrity was none other than Howdy Doody’s on-screen partner, Buffalo Bob Smith himself. Les admits that he’s made some improvements to Buffalo Bob’s property over the years, but in sharing the story behind the cabin he brings a good old memory to life and you almost expect to see Howdy and Buffalo Bob walk out onto the deck and take a seat.

Les knows the value of taking in every moment, so when his own memory began to slip a bit about five years ago as can happen with age, he decided to give Prevagen a try. Over the years, he’s sometimes tried other products but always came back to Prevagen. His family and friends have noticed.

“They say things like, ‘Your memory is incredible!'” he reports.

For a fellow with so much to enjoy in a long, good life, that’s music to his ears, no matter where he may be.