“We tell all our friends and family how much Prevagen has helped Jim think more clearly.”

Jim, 70s Ruth, 70s
Retired Truck Driver, Retired Corrections Officer

There’s plenty to see in the rear view mirror of Jim and Ruth’s lives, but that’s not where they’re looking these days. They are focused on the road ahead in what has been a long journey with a lot of challenges along the way and a lot to be thankful for.

Jim is in his late Seventies and long retired from an oftentimes gruelling career as an over the road truck driver, and his wife Ruth has arrived in her early Seventies after her own long career in one of the most challenging and all too often thankless jobs imaginable, a corrections officer in a women’s prison.

“I’ve seen it all,” Ruth says. “Things you don’t even want to know about.” And her husband has seen plenty of white knuckle driving conditions and enough bad drivers out there on the highways of America to make a grown man, well not cry, but surely long for the well-earned comfort of an easy chair.

Jim stepped away from his freight-hauling career after he got hurt in a freak accident helping a friend who was making some needed repairs to a truck. He required a good dose of medical care and some physical therapy, and these days is back in the driver’s seat of the family car, just not the cab of an 18-wheeler. When the weather warms back up in their Ohio town, he can be seen outside mowing the lawn and puttering around the place.

Ruth’s 25-year career at a women’s prison is now in her own rear view mirror, and she stays busy keeping an eye on Jim, taking walks and riding her bike around the neighborhood. She and Jim tied the knot seven years ago and immediately had a ready-made blended family with a headcount of 26 grandchildren and 29 great grandchildren. Some of them live in sunny Florida, where Jim and Ruth like to visit, enjoying the warm weather far from the mid-Ohio climate. Jim is a dedicated fisherman who loves to wet a line casting for fish out on one of Florida’s long piers jutting out into the Gulf of Mexico.

Several years ago, Jim began taking Prevagen and soon began to see improvements in his thought processes, feeling clearer minded and better able to remember. “Today, we tell all our friends and family how much Prevagen has helped Jim think more clearly,” Ruth says. She also credits the couple’s faith and their close relationship with their church. “It is so important to stay happy, stay healthy and stay in touch with God,” says this true believer and extraordinary example of living a healthy, balanced and fulfilling life.